Hack Event 2018 April 27-29

Major Hackkathon.com event by KBZ Tech in Yangon (and nationally) over a weekend!
Who is invited?  KBZ Technology are pleased to invite –
  • KBZ staff,
  • partners,
  • vendors,
  • customers,
  • prospects and
  • universities
  • friends

…to a major technology event over a whole weekend!

Cash prizes –
  • 1st Place – 1,000,000MMK
  • 2nd Place – 500,000MMK
  • 3rd Place – 300,000MMK
Schedule –
  • Registrations Open: Thursday 5th April noon
  • Registrations Close: Thursday 26th April midnight
  • Event Start: Friday 27th April 6pm
  • Event Finish: Sunday 1pm April 29th Stop coding. Judging begins. Announcement of winners follows.
Location & The Space –
  • i3 – also known as i-cubed innovation space (the original one not the penthouse)
  • University Road, Kamayut, Yangon. Map
  • You will receive a confirmation email with details.
  • 50 competitor capacity, first to register get priority access
  • Board room, lounge, meeting room, roof top cafe, verandah, views, internet, snacks.
Judging –
  • Judges decision is final.
  • If you are not in Yangon and would like to participate you can register but will need to arrange your own location and team.
  • We will give you opportunities to video conference into the main even and you will be judged separately the following week for a different prize pool. Same deadlines apply.
What to bring/wear –
  • Laptop. Clean casual clothes. Snacks if you don’t like pizza.
  • Some food and drink provided. Internet provided.
  • Desks and chairs and space provided. 24hr access, byo laptop and pillow 🙂 if you expect to sleep.
What to code –
  • You can use any stack you like and build anything you like.
  • Prizes will go to best most useful app/site
  • Anything goes… but …

There are six major themes we prefer (to be a major prize winner) and you may choose from as inspiration –

  1. KBZ Virtual Branch – call centre or unified contact centre. Eg route voice over IP calls via  hangouts using appmaker by google so that customers or merchants or agents are not left waiting for service (skill based routing) or cloud call recordings or cloud IVR. Unified contact centre. Chat bots.
  2. KBZ Cashpoint (Channel) Finder – to find ATMs, Kiosks, Agents, Branches, Merchants, POS. Eg database connected to google maps via api. Staff visual dashboard showing performance metrics by channel / location.
  3. KBZ Insight – business intelligence using data and AI/ML to detect or predict eg service volumes in channels or fraud / suspicious across channels eg use google tensor flow on a bank account and train the model by clicking on good/bad/maybe transactions.
  4. KBZ Productivity – tools for staff to make them more productive. Rostering and time sheets for branches and contact centres; leave approval process; biometric onboarding or access control; staff directory with social media links.
  5. KBZ Crowd – social insights into customers, prospects, agents and partners by correlating across media APIs. eg reviewers on trip advisor also liked spicy local food or
  6. Make up your own original app theme! We are bringing Financial Inclusion to everyone in the nation so apps that help will get extra love.
Registrations OPEN Thu April 5th and CLOSE midnight Thu 26th April Use REGISTER NOW link above.
Please share now with friends, universities, tech companies, startups, tech communities!!!!
The Hackkathon Organising Team
Pete, Lu Mon, Nanda, Hnin Yu
Hackkathon 2018 April is proudly sponsored By –

PS: Event was originally organised for April 6, sorry but we had to reschedule… details below…

Reschedule Notice:

Just to let you know we had a very strong response from the tech startup community, lots of teams and 84% coders registered.
Total traffic was over 300 visitors, considering we did not do any marketing these two statistics combined are remarkable.
Because we stretched the boundaries of what can be done with volunteers and sponsors in 48 hours notice just before major holidays 🙂 we have decided to reschedule the event. We want it to be awesome not just average.
The venue remains the same – original i-cubed (University Rd Yangon cnr Sane Le Kan Thar Rd near US Embassy) – but…
The date has moved 3 weeks out to April 27th 2018 Fri 6pm (rooftop drinks kickoff) to Sun 1pm (Judging commences). We have a cool venue waiting for you and hope to run this at least quarterly.
We will have the new site up over the weekend so you can re-register at http://hackkathon.com
See you in a few weeks, sorry for the delay but hey at least we are trying to build the ecosystem.
Cash prizes and a few VIP surprises await you 🙂
Have a great holiday and tell your friends!

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